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Expanded Metal Sheet for EMI Shielding

Expanded Metal Sheet for System EMI Shielding

What Is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)?

EMI is interference caused by electromagnetic disturbances that can affect the performance of equipment. The source of EMI can be environmental factors such as electrical storms and solar radiation, but a more common source is other electronic equipment or electrical systems. EM interference often manifests itself in the form of undesirable noise that may cause functional interruption of electrical systems, electronic systems, and RF systems.

Common Sources of EMI

  • Power generation equipment and its peripherals such as generators, power supplies, voltage regulators, switches and relays, battery chargers, and high voltage transmission lines.
  • Equipment operating at high frequencies, such as oscillators, computing equipment, radios, radar and sonar equipment.
  • Machines operating at high voltages and high frequencies, e.g. electric motors and ignition systems.
EMI fluctuation curve

Copper Expanded Metal Sheet for EMI Shielding

Conductive materials used in high voltage laboratories can be metal sheet or metal mesh. Due to the high voltages, shielding needs to be provided according to the Faraday cage principle for six-sided enclosures. And it is necessary to provide copper expanded metal sheet floors and walls to create a shielding layer to resist the effects of electric fields from the outside.

The specifications of copper expanded metal sheets used in high voltage laboratories are:

Common Specification of Copper Expanded Metal Sheets in Laboratories
No. LWD (mm) SWD (mm) Strand Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Type
1 30 12.7 5 2.5 Flattened
2 40 20 2 2 Flattened
3 50 25 2.5 2 Flattened

Shielding effectiveness (SE) of expanded metal sheet is determined by material, thickness, opening size (SWD × LWD) and number of openings.

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