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Expanded metal sheet with fish-scale mesh opening.
Aluminum Expanded Metal

Aluminum expanded metal has become the preferred choice for applications of architectural ornamental projects. E.g. building facade & cladding, ceiling, partition wall, railing as well as functional sunshade panels.

Aluminum Expanded Sheets Offer a Stereo Adornment Effect

Aluminum expanded metal, such an amazing metal mesh type, is made of a self-contained aluminum sheet through punching and subsequent stretching process. The sizes and shapes of mesh openings vary with the incision size and tensile strength. In recent years, these aesthetically & pleasing expanded metal sheets frequently appear in architectural decoration design schemes. Whether in office buildings, hotels & clubs or gymnasium, aluminum expanded metal sheets are both decorative and functional.

  • Ventilated and breathable configuration.
  • Attractive appearance and long service life.
  • A wide range of opening areas available.
  • Naturally lightweight and easy to work with.
  • Affordable, durable and recyclable.
  • Optional aluminum plate thicknesses.
  • Material: 1060 aluminum, 3003/5052 aluminum alloy.
  • Strand Thickness: 1.5–3 mm.
  • Strand Width: 7.5–30 mm.
  • Overall Thickness: 10–37 mm.
  • Size: 12" × 12", 12" × 24", 12" × 36", 12" × 48", 24" × 24", 24" × 36", 24" × 48", 36" × 36", 36" × 48".
  • Mesh Opening Area: 34% – 70%.
  • Surface Treatment: standard, anodic oxidation, powder coating or fluorine carbon spraying.
  • Standard: ASTM F1267.
  • Package: packed with plastic film, shipped by pallets or according to customers' requirements.
  • Here are the main patterns of expanded aluminum sheets.
  • Facade.
  • Ceiling.
  • Curtain wall.
  • Cladding.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Security guard.
  • Window protection.
  • Sunshade.
  • Balustrade & railing.
  • Privacy separation.
  • A building facade wall designed with copper-plated aluminum expanded metals.

    Aluminum expanded metal for building facade

  • Aluminum expanded metal panel are installed for office interior design.

    Aluminum expanded metal for internal wall

  • The ceiling of this stadium is designed with aluminum expanded metal.

    Aluminum expanded metal for ceiling

  • Aluminum expanded metal is used for partition wall design.

    Aluminum expanded metal for partition wall

  • Aluminum expanded metal is installed as the railing of the bridge.

    Aluminum expanded metal for bridge railing

  • The functional sun screen is installed with expanded metal panels.

    Aluminum expanded metal for sunshade

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