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The window screen is installed with black dva mesh

Your Reliable DVA Mesh Supplier

Maybe you need a reliable DVA mesh factory to supply you qualified, reasonable price DVA mesh, we are your ideal choice.

Our DVA mesh (Diminished Vision Aluminium Mesh), also called waterproof mesh, limited vision mesh, DVA one way vision mesh, is manufactured by high quality aluminum alloy plate. Beautiful and high security holes are displayed through punching and expanding.

  • Unique design. Its one way vision design permit transparent and clear view at the room and reduce the vision into the home.
  • Satisfy higher security grade requirements than traditional aluminum window screens.
  • More reasonable price and lighter weight compared with stainless steel security mesh.
  • Luxuriant visual effect make it popular in both private and commercial decorative designs.
  • Much softer structure can satisfy more installation angle and installation method.
  • Resistant to corrosion, insect household pets damage and vermin resistant
  • Allows air flow and ventilation whilst looks great.
Design Inspiration
  • Material: aluminum alloy plate.
  • Surface treatment: AkzoNobel/Jotun super weathering powder coating.
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm.
  • Hole size: 1 mm × 3 mm, 2 mm × 3 3 mm × 6 mm, etc.
Item Size
DVA-7520 750 × 2000 mm
DVA-7524 750 × 2400 mm
DVA-9020 900 × 2000 mm
DVA-9024 900 × 2400 mm
DVA-1220 1200 × 2000 mm
DVA-1224 1200 × 2400 mm
Why choose our DVA mesh?
  • More reasonable price. Factory directly sale gives you more profit margin in your local market.
  • Various colors options, including popular black, dark gray, light gray, white and other customized colors.
  • Customized sizes. We can cut any width and length according to your customers' requirements and your local markets.
  • Logo print. We can add your logo onto the screen mesh to save your extra fees.
  • Perfect package. DVA mesh is packed with wooden cases to protect goods from moisture and abrasion during long-distance transport.
  • Mesh rolls supplied. We can also supply the mesh rolls for your additional process. Mesh rolls will be delivered through wooden pallets.
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