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Internal Wall

Modern internal wall is designed with expanded metal sheets.

Expanded Metal Internal Wall – Functional, Sturdy, Metallic and Stylish

Thanks to its marvelous metal texture, expanded metal panels have become the first choice for interior wall design. As a technical manufacturer, we can provide our customers with a wide range of materials, opening patterns and colors of expanded metal products. This allows the architect to express their own style infinitely possible in various architectural projects. Such as shopping malls, headquarters, hotels, train stations, hospitals, upscale offices and other establishments.

  • Provides a three-dimensional look.
  • Metal texture feels more modern.
  • Great flexibility, strength and rigidity.
  • Light weight but high strength.
  • Various patterns, finishes & innovative colors.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.
Design Inspiration
Expert Advice for Your Projects
  • Choose A Material
  • Pattern Design
  • Design Rules

Choose A Material

  • Color selection should respect the overall decoration tone.
  • Match with the industry the company is engaged in.
  • Is there a requirement to reduce noise?
  • Need to be easy to install, maintenance free.
  • Material weight and strength?
Suitable Material

Pattern Design

There are fourteen main patterns of perforated metal panels.
  • Above mesh opening patterns are available in various specifications.
  • Standard, anodic oxidation, powder coating or fluorine carbon spraying for your choice.
  • Special ornaments designs like contrast color, mesh sizes variation or any other needs are available.
  • Expected for standard products, a wide range of colors, materials and openings are available.
  • Welcome to our pattern chamber to select more creative designs.

Design Rules

  • Hole shape: diamond, square, hexagonal, tortoise shell.
  • Thickness: 0.3–10 mm.
  • LWD: 12.5–200mm.
  • SWD: 2–125 mm.
  • Panel or roll width: ≤ 1.5 m, or customized.
  • Panel or roll length: ≤ 4 m, special length can be customized.
  • Surface treatment: anodize oxidation, PVDF coating, PVC coated, galvanized, powder coated.
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