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Leaf Guards

Stainless steel leaf guard is used as gutters protection system.

Perforated Leaf Guards – Clog-Free and Debris-Free

Leaf guards, also known as gutter covers, are designed for drying out the pesky leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris on the surface. Perforated leaf guards can be installed on the roofing of your home, storefront or warehouse to keep the drainage system clean. Thus the preliminary filtered water, rainwater or melted snow can flow freely into the gutter without clogging. Based on experience, we recommend you choose stainless steel or aluminum as the preferred choice.

  • Cost effective and practical.
  • Completely enclosed system.
  • Versatile for various roof types.
  • Consistent strength and pest resistance.
  • Invisible from the ground.
  • Multiple installation method options.
Design Inspiration
Expert Advice for Your Projects
  • Choose A Material
  • Comparison
  • Design Rules

Choose A Material

  • Roof type? Shingles, steel, slate, wood or tile roof?
  • Gutter style? Half-round or K style?
  • Installation method? Drop in or snap in?
  • Need to be easy to install, operate and maintenance.
  • Corrosion resistant performance.
Suitable Material


  • Valley gutter full of leaves and slush.
  • Perforated leaf guard keeps leaves out of the gutter.
There are three main styles of perforated gutter guards.

Design Rules

  • Standard size: 127 × 915, 153 × 915 mm or customized.
  • Thickness: 0.4–0.6 mm.
  • Mount Style: drop in or snap in.
  • Surface Treatment: mill finish.
  • Color: original, black or white.
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