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Building Facade

Expanded metal panels with scaly openings are installed on the exterior wall.

Expanded Metal Facade – Ventilative, Magnificent and Long Lasting

Expanded metal facades, with three-dimensional opening arrangement, provide a modern and noble elegant building temperament. Thus appreciate the aesthetic values of the building exterior design. Expect for the unique ornamental effect, the large openings can offer a good air ventilation while protecting the building from the passage of time and bad weathers. Designers prefer to use aluminum as material, since it is eco-friendly and economical.

  • Lightweight and high bearing capacity.
  • Offer a stereo illuminative effect.
  • Good surface luster & breeziest.
  • Tonal harmony with the building design.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.
  • Complete textures, finishes and lasting colors.
Design Inspiration
Expert Advice for Your Projects
  • Choose A Material
  • Pattern Design
  • Design Rules

Choose A Material

  • Ventilation requirement? Does it need to be used as a sunshade?
  • The project should respect the building style and usage.
  • Vertical facade, polygonal facade or free form?
  • Need to be easy to install, maintenance free.
  • Material weight and strength?
Suitable Material

Pattern Design

There are fourteen main patterns of perforated metal panels.
  • Above mesh opening patterns are available in various specifications.
  • Standard, anodic oxidation, powder coating or fluorine carbon spraying for your choice.
  • Special ornaments designs like contrast color, mesh sizes variation or any other needs are available.
  • Expected for standard products, a wide range of colors, materials and openings are available.
  • Welcome to our pattern chamber to select more creative designs.

Design Rules

  • Hole shape: diamond, hexagon, fan shaped.
  • Thickness: 0.5–10 mm.
  • LWD: 12.5–200mm.
  • SWD: 5–80 mm.
  • Panel or roll width: 0.9m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, or customized.
  • Panel or roll length: 1.8–45 m, special length can be customized.
  • Surface treatment: anodize oxidation, PVDF coating, PVC coated, galvanized, powder coated.
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